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Why you need VPN

When you travel around world, you need connect to the Internet through public Wi-Fi, it may provided by hotel , coffee shop , airport , conference, or other institutions. The problem is, even if the Wi-Fi name is SHANGRI_LA or STARBUCKS, it does not mean that the Wi-Fi is actually provided by the above institutions. However, when you connect to the Internet via a VPN after connecting to Wi-Fi, you can be sure that no one nearby can intercept your data or monitor your network activity through a network transmission device.

Hackers can block, sniff, and hijack the data you transmit over the network by providing network access; governments can also monitor your network behavior or block some website you want visit. VPN ( virtual private network ) technology can provide additional encrypted network transport channels that not only help you connect to a more open Internet, but also protect your internet privacy.


How does VPN work

A virtual private network is a network communication technology that not only securely connects to your office, but also forwards your Internet traffic to secure servers to change your IP address, Will not reveal the physical location corresponding to your IP address when you access other Internet service (thanks to GeoIP technology). VPN protect your company and employees at the same time.

Using tunneling technology, encryption and other security technologies, the communication network technology is used to form a tunnel on the public network (such as the Internet), and a virtual private network is constructed to reach security. To anti traffic analysis to reach higher security level, you need Tor technology.

Across the Great Wall we can reach every corner in the world.

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